Jaw Bone Health, Loss and Deterioration

The following are the most common causes of jawbone deterioration and loss that may even require a bone grafting procedure:

  • Tooth extractions
  • Periodontal disease
  • Dentures/bridgework
  • Trauma
  • Misalignment
  • Facial Tumors

Bone loss can be prevented by giving the jawbone a replacement tooth with a root that can exert the same or similar pressure as natural teeth. This is done immediately after extraction by replacing single teeth with dental implants, or by using a fixed implant-supported bridge or denture. A single-tooth implant or a dental bridge with three to four teeth supported by two implants provide a chewing power of 99% of natural bite force. A denture secured with dental implants, such as our Same Day Teeth procedure, provides about 70% to 80% of normal biting force and helps considerably in preventing bone loss.

Tips for Maintaining Jawbone Health

  • Take Calcium Supplements 
  • Regularly Stretch the Jaw Muscles 
  • Don’t Overwork Your Jaw (by chewing gum excessively, for instance)
  • Eat a Healthy Diet 
  • Visit the Dentist Often

Regular visits to your Reflection - Little River dentist every six months can help keep your teeth in the best shape possible to help prevent jawbone loss. Call us at 703-256-3313 today.